Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilt Album Software Giveaway at Lilypad Quilting

Check out the great giveaway at Lilypad Quilting

Quilt Album software- Keep a record of your quilts and information about them...

Sounds really cool!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Bag

On my last post I mentioned this Desk Deli Tote pattern that I picked up

I also mentioned that I made one for a purse. I didn't make the napkin, just the bag

The picture really doesn't do it justice, it's REALLY cute!

I also didn't take a picture of the inside, but it has LOTS of pockets.

I want to make another, but I'm going to make it bigger, it was actually very easy for me to make.
All the granddaughters want me to make them one.

Quilt shops

Decided a few weeks ago to take a day off work, and I treated myself to seeking out quilt shops in the area. I found some great ones.

Pioneer Quilt Shop was the first one I found. Lovely shop, with lots of fabrics, patterns and books. I loved looking at all the quilts on display and dreaming about learning to quilt that well some day. They let me go look in their classroom where current projects and some completed ones were on display. The ladies there were so friendly. Of course I came out with some goodies: some fat quarters and some patterns as well as The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book. One of the patterns I got was for the Desk Deli Tote Pattern by Penny Sturges.

 I actually made one, but I am using it for a purse. I will post pictures soon.

The next quilt shop I went to was Let's Quilt in Oregon City. Again, a lovely shop and friendly staff. I found another purse pattern:
The Diva Essential Designer bag by Lynndi Enright.

I haven't made it yet, but I want to soon. The sample they had in the shop was really nice.
I also found some Laurel Burch snake fabric from Clothworks. One of my granddaughters has a pet snake and I wanted some fabric with snakes on it to use in a quilt for her. This will be perfect!

Then I went down the freeway a little further to West Linn and went into Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe
Again a lovely shop with friendly staff. Got some more fat quarters and a layer cake.

It was a fun day and I can't wait to do it again.

New Beginnings

So, I used to sew when my kids were younger, and then life got in the way, the sewing machine pretty much fell apart from age and disuse (maybe some abuse too). A couple months ago I finally took the money I saved from when we sold Mom's house in 2010 after she passed away and bought a brand new sewing machine. Considering my old one was almost 35 years old, it was like going from a covered wagon to a Ferrari!!

I was going to buy a Babylock Elizabeth, had gone in and tried it out, researched it and made up my mind. I went back in to get it and they brought out the next model up, the Melody and said they were out of Elizabeth and so they were going to give me a Melody for the same price (saved over $300). So I got a model with a few more specialty stitches and the extension table for quilting.

I had a couple boxes of fabric and of course have been addicted to getting some more. And I've started some projects, so I will be sharing them here and hope to build up to a nice sewing/quilting/crafting blog along with some homey things like cooking/baking/decorating and family stuff. We'll see if anybody even wants to read lol.